Today there is a customer refuse payment, this customer said she had received an empty necklace box, there without fake tiffany t ring. While we are dealing with her orders, she choose dishonoured, we are very disappointed about it. We are so committed to service for her, but she chose not to believe us.

In fact, things are like this, the customer buy a worth $ 80 replica return to Tiffany necklace at our online store in the July 24. Within 24 hours after she placed the order, we have given her delivery, the shipping method is DHL, this is a transportation company cooperate with us for three years, so we trust him very much.

Tiffany T Square Wrap Ring in 18k rose gold with diamond
Tiffany T Square Wrap Ring in 18k rose gold with diamond

On July 31, the customer received the goods, she mentioned in a email, she said she has received the fake tiffany t pendant, but when she opened the box and found it’s empty, and the packages was intact.

See her mail I am very surprised. But there are three possibilities things happen through my analysis.
First, our staff did not carefully see whether there is a fake tiffany bracelet in the boxes during the check goods, but the possibility is very small, because we have installed surveillance cameras.
Second, the transportation company staff stole necklace at the time of examination of the goods, but the possibility is small too, they also have installed surveillance cameras.
Third, perhaps the customer wanted to occupy this fake tiffany 1837 necklace, In fact she received the necklace, but don’t want to pay, so she lie said no necklace in the box. And then took a photo of the empty box sent to us, want to blackmail us.
By careful analysis, we found a third possibility is larger. The reason is that we mediate with customers does not end yet, she has refused payment first. Which showing that she did not want to mediate.

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