Tiffany jewelry knockoffs have always been distinguished by the technology and material be divided into general cargo B and A cargo.

A cargo: 925 sterling silver materials are manufactured outside of that layer plating is particularly important (to make it light, not easily oxidized). Finished smooth appearance is not defective, LOGO writing clear, turning and junction are uniform not rough, with genuine very similar. Called best imitation is genuine and authentic too close together.

B cargo: materials are silver-plated copper-nickel alloy, copper silver, so the item is not the same as the finished work is uneven, it is generally not enough to smooth finished appearance. The LOGO vague, transition and transition junction is not very uniform, there are more flaws. Because the material is different in costs, prices are also different, but the difference is not too large.

fake return to tiffany necklace divided into A cargo and B cargo.

All the tiffany jewelry replica are A cargo, they are the best quality and 1 to 1 copy from official. we are ashamed to sell bad replicas to our customer. And we trying our best to produce better quality than A cargo. As long as customers who bought our fake return to tiffany necklace he would come to our online store again. And Now if you pay western union, you will get an extra 5% discount and enjoy free shipping. So when you look at this article, please shop with confidence and do not hesitate.

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