Elena experienced several vigorous love, and every time she was serious. Those men who were committed to give her to wear a Two Hinged Bracelet replica Tiffany, But finally those men became the groom of the others.

Finally she understood, All the promise at that moment of spoken out is absolutely true, but promise is alive, it can not stand the test of time. The world known as the eternal love is not enough to believe, and what else is trustworthy?

Elena was a little desperate, so she turned her attention to the Internet. She met a boy online, he is an careful, considerate boy, he accompanied her to ride one boring night, always use some words like forever love you and so on to coax her, but Elena simply laugh out of court. she thought: silly boy,where this forever came from?

On holidays, the boys travel long distances from the south rushed over to see her, they went climbing, went to dinner, watched movie, and went to buy Tiffany Wire Bracelet replica. The days were happy and simple.

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He wanted to say the promise that love her forever more than once, but clever of her stoped him. The end of the holidays, Elena to send him, the boy give her a piece of paper and a fake Tiffany Two Double Chain Bracelet, it says: Waiting for me, I’ll marry you after three years.

Elena takes his words as a joke, the youth of woman can not stand the wait, and she found a suitable man to marry, but later, she divorced for some reason.

Time five years have gone like running water across, Elena still single. One day, she saw an article on the net, topic is her name, the author is the boy. the article wrote: I will use my life time to find my love, also I will use my lifetime to realize the promise of five years ago, could not find her, I will never marry.

Elena thought a long time, eventually she sent a email to the boy, told him where she is. After email sent out she began to regret, maybe he wore a replica Multi-round Tag Bracelet, he have a tender wife, and perhaps have a lovely child, maybe it’s wrong to bother him now.

11 hours later, someone knocked at the door. When she opened the door, the stood outside the door. For a promise of young, he search for her five years. The second day, Elena became his bride, she wear the Tiffany Love Heart Tag Key Pendant replica that he gave her. She felt very happy ever.

Even though there are one thousand promises are false, this world has deceived you one thousand times, we still have reason to expect, the 1001st promise, must be true!

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