Tom fell in love with Martha from the first sight her. At that time, they were the adolescent, on the same high school. Martha was a beautiful girl, but Tom was plain looking. Actually Martha doesn’t like Tom, just because Tom was kind to her, so she reluctantly agreed to become Tom’s girlfriend.

Later, Martha admitted to the state university and Tom only admitted to the ordinary university, they destined to have no chance to together. After graduating from university, the girl to go abroad to study. Before leaving Tom gave her a return to tiffany necklace replica, and hope Martha can keep it safe, remember he when she see the replica necklace. But Martha did not care.

After going abroad, Martha travel around. Tom often concerned about Martha’s blog, her blog was full of her photos that she shot in the travel, but there was no replica tiffany heart tag necklace on her neck which Tom given to her. There is no doubt that Tom and Martha completely become people of two different world.

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But Tom still hopes to go abroad to find Martha. Because Tom doesn’t speak English, so he always can’t through the visa. Tom tried many times to fail, many people tried to persuade him to give up, because Martha does not love you, and there is no you in her heart, she has a boyfriend, and it is the best evidence that there is no fake tiffany silver necklace in her photos. But Tom didn’t listen, because he pursued was his love, his dreams, his all.

Sometimes love is cruel, one day Tom received a letter, the letter wrote: Thank you for loving me, but I don’t love you, I already have a boyfriend. And this cheap tiffany t necklace back to you.. I’m sorry!

Tom was very disperated, even thought of suicide. After a period of adjustment, Tom came out of this sad past. He knew that even if no one loves us, we also need love ourselves. The most precious of love is not to get loved one, but love the our own of continuous efforts.

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