The US TV drama “gossip girl” tells the story of Luxurious life of New York’s East Side socialite, the jewelry collocation is make people dazzled in the Play. Reference the jewelry collocation method of TV “gossip girl”, just simple a few action can make you into a glamorous socialite.
Hot sexy goddess Serena prefer stronger sense of big tiffany t bracelet replica jewel, the elegant and noble of she is synonymous with sexy. Serena set off a wave of jewelry collocation in the fashion.

Sexy V dress elegant extraordinary, the comfortable design showing the wonderful waist, the bling hair like comes with aura, match such a dress, Serena chose  Fake Tiffany T ring, overall modelling is perfect.


Serena dressed in a white lace dress with dazzling yellow gemstones jewelery, there is a return to tiffany necklace replica studded with diamonds in her left wrist, and one piece huge diamond ring shining on her right finger. She looks like a fairy.

Queen B obsessed retro style, her most attractive dress up is the gems hair accessories. The bright gem match with hair, have untold amorous Retro feelings. Just like a fairy maiden walk out from poster.

Retro big wave hair with purple flowers hairpin, deep eye makeup and red lips natural fit, retro tenderness, elegant and beautiful. Queen B is very good at using the flower-shaped  jewels to increase her elegance. The silver little earrings nifty sweet, shows Queen lively one side.

If the “Gossip Girl” teach you how to do a socialite, Then the return of the epic fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” take the retro to home. If you can imitate the dress up of actress, which absolutely make you stand out in the crowd.

The most beautiful and powerful female characters in drama, the Dragon Queen Dani Lise who was born in the storm always dress in white longuette and match all kinds of fake tiffany t ring, there are sort of inviolable holy.

Clavicle chain is a new force suddenly rises in recent years? No, as early as the Middle Earth Era was already popular in the aristocratic Miss. When the beauty girl Sansa wear clavicle replica tiffany necklace she became more lovely.

Reference jewelry collocation through these two dramas, hope to help you improve collocation skills.

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