Replica van cleef & arpels jewelry always fascinated and were a sign of wealth and fortune. Today, every woman affords jewelry since the availability of a high range of materials makes them rather affordable. Silver, titanium, tungsten, but also copper, are some of the cheapest materials for jewelry. Even so, fake tiffany t ring made of gold are still in high demand. Also, the use of semi-precious stones, zirconium and Tiffany crystals, also give the jewelry a sophisticated look without a very high price tag. But, there are still the elites, the most expensive jewelry in the world, which by their grand finesses execution, high purity precious metals and exceedingly rare gem stones, can be afforded by a few restrained number of people. Let’s see what the most expensive tiffany jewelry knockoffs existent in the world are today.

This fake tiffany engagement rings will take your breath away, literally, both with their splendor and with their price. Probably the most expensive jewelry in the world is the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond ring. It has an approximately 31.06-carat blue diamond, polished and cut to perfection. The final selling price for this incredible piece was $80 million. Just imagine the value of the hand wearing this gem. The Pink Star Diamond ring has a massive and gorgeous oval pink diamond, of 59.6 karats. It was made out of a diamond found in the mines of Africa, the initial diamond piece having 135.6 karats. Now, Sotheby’s has the ring up for sale, for the astonishing sum of $72 million. Although that stone deserves all the money in the world, since no private collection or royal family has such a gem.

Now, this following fake panthere de cartier ring has the look and the name according to its appearance and value. The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace has the largest flawless internal diamond, of an amazing 407.48 karat and a gorgeous yellow color. The central piece is completed by numerous other white, but smaller, diamonds, of 230 karats. What’s more amazing about this necklace, is the story of the L’Incomparable yellow diamond. It seems that a little girl found the rough gem in a pile of rubble, back in the 1980s, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now that is pure luck.

The Graff Pink diamond ring, jewelry that stood a good while in the first place, being the most expensive jewelry in the world, has a gorgeous 24.78 karats pink diamond as a central stone. Pink diamonds are highly appreciated, but the Graff Pink has a color that is very rare among them. Thus, it explains why the jewelry is so sought after and its selling price, of above $40 million. The Zoe Diamond is another piece of fake van cleef earrings that can simply mesmerize you. A 9.75 karat vivid blue diamond, in the shape of a tear, was sold by Sotheby’s, from the collection of the famous Rachel and Paul Mellon family. It was sold in auction for the stunning sum of $32.6 million.

These are four of the most expensive jewelry ever, both by value and beauty. These exclusive fake vca earring all belong today to private owners, showing that people are capable of doing anything and paying colossal sums, just to enjoy the splendor of these rare gems. For most of us, these amounts are small fortunes we can only dream of.

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