Jefferson met Emily at a schoolmate party, Emily is a warm and cheerful girl, Jefferson is mature boy, they are ideal objects to each other hearts. Soon they became lovers.

After graduation, they worked hard together, because they were born in poverty, so can only rely on their own efforts to live a happy life. Work during the day, and selling tiffany jewelry fake at night, they rarely have time to rest, they were very busy, but life was slowly got better.
In fact, in China there are a lot of young couples like them, for family, for a better life, they have to work hard. There are pay does not necessarily have to harvest; but no pains, no gains, sometimes also need luck.

Jefferson and Emily were lucky, their life became rich, they came out from the bottom of life, in order to commemorate the day that they share each other joys and sorrows, Jefferson bought a return to tiffany necklace replica given to Emily, and Emily sent a pair of louis vuitton sunglasses replica to Jefferson. At this time they still very love each other.

But, the men easy ungrateful, and they have money will go bad. Jefferson began drinking and gambling, and often do not went home, how Emily persuade were useless. What makes people angry is that Jefferson has other women in outside, he often buy cosmetics and tiffany replica rings to her. He doesn’t care about Emily, even hit her. Emily was very desperate, so she decided to divorce.
After the divorce, Emily left the fake return to tiffany necklace that Jefferson had given to her, because she didn’t want to take the pain away, and she restart her own life.

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A year later, on day Emily was going to sleep, someone knocked at her door, she opened the door and saw her ex husband Jefferson drunkenly stood in the doorway. when Emily asked him what he was doing, Jefferson suddenly hugging Emily, crying to want Emily back to his side, Emily asked why, he said, Since Emily left, he’s not good, he found other woman just for the money with him, no one loves him like Emily, and he still loved Emily, he want to be reconciled. Finished he took out the return to tiffany heart tag necklace fake that he given to Emily. Emily relented when she saw the necklace, she agreed Jefferson’s remarry request. She said, this is the last time I forgive you.
In order to make up for past mistakes, from then on, Jefferson took good care of Emily. They were back to the beginning of life.

Everyone will make mistakes, as long as he know the wrong, there’s a chance to be forgiven. In love as well.

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