November 14, 1842, Lincoln formally propose marriage to Mary Todd, the two subsequently went to a jewelry store, and bought a imitation tiffany bracelet, let a person engrave a line of words on it: Love is eternal.

Yes, no one does not want their love is eternal, but none is like Lincoln and Marie for eternal love of the deep understanding and desire.

one day in March 1837, Illinois State legislature held one of the largest party in Springfield, the party gathered almost all of the state’s political elite and all the beauty of the city, as a trainee solicitor Lincoln fortunate to be invited to attend the party. At the party, there was a girl came on, so that all men eyes light up. She wear a beautiful dress and a topper, an knock off tiffany jewelry hanging on her neck, one pair of the exquisite, and there was a bracelet on her wrist. She looks like a fairy.

The Girl is Mary Todd, when all men gallant to Mary, Lincoln was quietly sitting on the side. He caught the attention of Mary. She did not accept the invitation of anyone, but she dances with Lincoln. Because she thought Lincoln was very special, will become a great person.

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They experienced the ups and downs of emotion, finally they married. Although they accepted different education, family background, personality, hobbies are different, after marriage inevitably have bumps, but they love each other until the end of life.

April 14, 1865, Mary with Lincoln was sitting in the presidential loge at the Ford Grand in Washington, at ten thirty, when the show reached a climax, an actor Booth, he had a gun and dives into the Lincoln’s loge, shot Lincoln, Lincoln fell in the arms of Mary.

Mary witnessed the world’s darkest moment, and suffered the biggest blow in her life. After the loss of a loved one, Mary was insanity. On July 16, 1882, Mary’s life was end, her finger still wearing the tiffany bracelet replica.

Yes, love is eternal, there is nothing more satisfying than that.

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