Recently have a long time not customer patronize my online store, these days the sales of copy tiffany bracelet & van cleef jewelry are very bleak, there are several days only an order, such a poor sales letting my mood really heavy. I am looking forward to customers can make orders in my online store, but the results are very disappointing every day.

The main reason of sales poor is website ranking not enough front and not enough exposure, so that no one knows my site. Which is due to my website obvious lack of optimization, the update frequency of Website content is not enough, that is supposed to write articles every day, but I haven’t, because I am not much thoughts, I don’t know much about tiffany t bracelet replica, so I can’t write out myself view of jewelry.


Replica TIFFANY T Wire Bracelet
Replica TIFFANY T Wire Bracelet in 18k white gold diamond

Secondly, there is a factor leading to poor sales, that is the category of tiffany jewelry replica products is not enough, currently the jewelry we selling are mostly old classic style, lack of the latest fashion items. And website updating speed is slow, not in timely to add the new products, didn’t grasp the psychological needs of consumers, and failed to keep pace with the rhythm of the market.
The above two aspect analysis of poor product sales, although the study is not deep enough, the reason roughly can be summed up.

Now is in August, the 2015 busy season coming soon, If you do not replenish their stocks in a timely manner, fail to rapidly increase site rankings, then no doubt that I’ll miss the good opportunities, eliminated by the market, then my livelihood this year will be very difficult. So, I have to work harder. Enhance site rankings in the search engines is the first, Other problems will be readily solved.

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