A couple left the countryside to the city to work, there neon shining and skyscrapers, but their shack can only be described as shabby. Especially their clothes, beside a few pieces of work clothes also decent, other clothes are old and have lost the color. But his wife never complained about them, although she had never worn the fake panthere de cartier ring, she knew that as long as they work hard together, everything will be alright.

Every day, Husband pick bricks, sand at the construction site, and Wife cooking for everyone. After work, Husband dragged his exhausted body trying to learn some knowledge of construction, and Wife mend work clothes under the dim bulb, there are many tidy patch leaving in the clean work clothes. She thought, even if is a rough work clothes also need cherish, after all, in the cold wind, his husband rely on this work clothes shelter.

As the days passed, because of his studious was promoted to the foreman, soon become a manager, and their live better, they bought a 60 square meter house in town, Husband bought a cartier nail bracelet fake gave Wife, the Husband no longer need patches work clothes.

Afterwards, Husband also got the construction certificate, contract foreign projects, but the times of he back home is also less and less. He always said he was busy. One day, He told his Wife, he no longer loves her, left replica cartier juste un clou bracelet then march off.
A year and a year again… Until his money was wiped out in a project, he returned to the 60 square meter house, and never recovered.

“Do you know, if you want to the road of life go further more, you need to learn tinkering on the road of life, timely to the patch torn hole, even those patch looks no good, but it can shelter for you, and let you feel the way of life is complete. Just like this work clothes.” Wife said.

He suddenly enlighted, summon up courage to face life again, gradually had some improvement.

She decided to leave him, but he was struggling to retain. She said:”In fact, the life can have a patch, but love can’t”
She didn’t take anything but the replica van cleef & arpels jewelry. Yes, not every kind of things can be patched.

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