The love and care that you give me has crept into my life. Remember the first time we met, we talked, we kissed, those excited things are still deep in my mind.

So far we are very happy, even if quarrel occasionally. Although I have complained that you didn’t buy me a cartier panther ring replica, complain you are not tall not handsome enough, I love you as you love me.
It is often said that women in love most silly and naiv, I think because of happiness will let it be.

I bought a couple replica cartier juste un clou bracelet, so that we can go shopping wearing it, let others cast envious eyes, Whenever this time I am happy, it’s nice when you are around.

replica vca necklace
replica vca necklace

Although you always said me a little fat, I forgive you, because I will scold you several times in my heart secretly. Your work has become busy, a lot of pressure, you try to do everything well, but the result always poor. Though I can’t help you, but the I saw the everything you done.
I know you are a hard work, self-motivated person. After work you always kiss me, I know you are a careful good man, I’m distressed when I see you tired.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary of 100 days, I have a good plan:
1, order a cake in advance, write a special blessing.
2, prepare a big dinner with you.
3, wearing our replica van cleef & arpels bracelet and take a lot of photo, show our love for each other.
4, give you a replica van cleef & arpels jewelry.
5, travel with you in Chicago.
If you see this now, be sure to give me a big hug. In the future, no matter what will happen tomorrow, I will still accompany in your side. Thanks for you love and tolerance for me, I will take this feeling seriously and you.

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