Marian is a beauty, Thompson is a handsome boy, They were met by chance, they love at first sight.
At beginning Thompson pursuit Marian crazily, he chauffeuring her to office every day, often buy roses for her and said she is very beautiful. Every Valentine’s Day or Marian birthday, Thompson would buy fake Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet give her. Marian’s colleagues were admired her, finally Marian was touched, so she promised make his girlfriend.

Thompson is a driver, his salary is $5000 per month, enough to support two person, so he want Marian to resign and do some housework at home.
Marian quit his job, concentrate on doing housework at home, but she seldom done the housework before, so she doesn’t understand this aspect, sometimes fried too salty, or floor dragged unclean. Thompson always scolded her when he came back. Marian feel grievance, she tries her best.

Thompson worry about Marian would feel boring at home alone, so he bought a dog to accompany her. Once, the dog ate the replica panthere de cartier ring that Marian put on the table. Results the dog died.
Thompson was very angry after came back, didn’t asked what the reason was to start scolded Marian: You even can not feed the dog, but also how to take care of people. No matter how the Marian explanation, Thompson just want break up with her. Marian was very sad, because this things is not she can anticipate.

Two months later, Thompson still love Marian, so they back together. But things point not in the right direction. Thompson came back late every day, and then went to played computer games, never talked with Marian, she tried to communicate with Thompson, but he was not respon to her.

Men’s love very fickle, while love, while don’t love, when love, he will send replica van cleef arpels necklace; but if don’t love, even not a sentence. But woman is not man’s toy. Since there is no feelings, women should leave with dignity.

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