Tiffany jewelry Atlas sequence make use of the oblong and faceted to create a gentle curve of jewelry, highlight color results as well as geometric proportions, especially for younger elegant ladies wear.

fake tiffany jewelry
fake tiffany jewelry

Fake Tiffany jewelry launched Atlas series, through reinterpreting 1970s antique works to increase once again after the design of the new component. Vintage jewellery is usually bulky and fragile, but through reassembled by the designer, it becomes strong and lightweight.

Tiffany bracelet replica was originally built for men, because atlas is the Greek myth of Hercules, he symbolizes strength and power which is every men want. Woman looks weak and tender, but there is a beast in their heart, they are the main body of the society. With the progress of civilization, women’s consciousness of democracy continues to strengthen, they know how to defend their rights, they fight for the same rights as men. Coupled with the modern woman is the major consumer groups of jewelry.
Combining the two contents, Tiffany given jewelry a new mission. Atlas reflects the woman both soft and strong. It was a deeply meaningful jewelry, is the modern intellectual women necessary items.

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