Mike is handsome, polite, has a good jewelry replica van cleef arpels perlee ring, he is, by all accounts, a superb man. Never seen spoil wife like him, all social intercourse all push off, came straight home after work every day, company organization to travel, he also declined. Colleagues laughed at him, maybe there is a woman who looks if fairy at home. He didn’t answer, only smile, which make everyone believe that he is enjoying a happy life.

In fact, Mike’s wife is not beautiful, she is black, thin and short, also willful, sloppy, always make their home at sixes and sevens, but it’s Mike to pick up the room.

Mike dote on his wife, other people could see clearly, but she didn’t understand. Her spirit is a bit of a problem, in addition to eating and drinking, she doesn’t even remember her name.

She had also a clever witty woman, they have had a very happy life. In the third year of marriage, she gave birth to a son, half years old son died accidentally.
From at that time she was ill, is schizophrenia, lived a year in hospital, her condition sometimes good, sometimes bad.

They just like that, has been living for 15 years, 15 years her condition was capricious, at the bad times she didn’t recognize him at all, the fake hermes h bracelet at home were thrown away and smashed the bowl; at good times she would hold his arms to cry and said sorry.

But we can see there is a replica cartier juste un clou bracelet on her neck, Mike hope God will bless his wife when he is working.

Someone asked why doesn’t he leave her? He said, I thought, Once I was really angry, want to walk away, but only two steps, I stopped. Yes, I love her, I can not leave her. Beside her, I am very tired, but leave her, I will heartache, my happiness is related to her.

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